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Day 2: Insanity and Oatmeal!

January 20, 2015

Today I started out with doing Insanity Max:30 for 30 minutes nonstop! Woo go me! I wasn’t able to sleep after I woke up at 2am, so I just lied there and rested until 6am, got up, and worked out by myself this time. For breakfast, I had the usual: scrambled eggs with many different herbs and honey. Then after I had a really productive day at school where I studied, worked on errands, studied with my buddy, Jason, and went to class. My tics were really intense, but the frequency was less, which is nice because the time span that I don’t tic, I am able to get a breather from my Tourettes.

The best part about today is that I made baked oatmeal with bananas and blueberries. Everything was whole and fresh. I put some walnuts in there, too! The recipe was once again, part of the 21 day fix program. It is another workout program that deals with portions of the food for you along with easy, healthy recipes. Below is a picture of the baked oatmeal!

So the baked oatmeal really filled me up for dinner. I had some snacks here and there like strawberries and avocado. Then I went soundly to sleep. I think exercising is starting to help me get a better night’s sleep, although last night I didn’t get much sleep at all.




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