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80 Day Obsession

Meal prepping almost done! Just need to go another round of grocery shopping. Guys, this is going to be so intense!! 80 Day Obsession is about timed nutrition and portion control while working out for an hour six times a week for 13 weeks. Im just super excited to commit to this be OBSESSED with working out. This program is supposed to work out your whooollee body and your core including your booty. Im stoked mans!!!

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All About That Meal Prep

Bought myself some glass shatterproof Tupperware at the Container Store for meal prepping starting next week! Take that Tourette’s! Failing to plan is planning to fail!#tupplife (the picture above is not mine. Will take picture of the food and container next week)
Meal prepping is such a great way to ensure your success as you start on this journey towards living a healthy lifestyle. It saves you money, time during the week and keeps you from straying from your meal plan and eating spontaneous, unplanned, unhealthy meals. It takes some time and a lot of preparation, but it is WORTH IT! 

What is meal prepping?? Preparing all of your meals and snacks for the week beforehand so that you don’t have to cook during the week or go off of your plan.


1. Choose one day a week to plan out your meals.

Whether you are having the same thing for your lunches or dinners all week, or are making variations, pick a day to plan out what you are going to have for the following week. I try to do mine on Thursdays so that I am set to go grocery shopping on Saturday and don’t have to think about what I need to get.

2. Write out all of your meals for the week, by day, on a piece of paper.

Visually seeing each meal written gets you organized and gives you an idea of how much food you will need to buy for the week. This is especially important if you are doing multiple meals for lunches or dinners!

3. After you write out your meals, make a grocery list based on those meals.

Go through and calculate how much food you will need and write it all out on a grocery list. Be thorough and make sure that you aren’t leaving any ingredients out ­ multiple shopping trips are not fun!

4. Pick one day for grocery shopping and the next day to meal prep.

Trying to do both in one day can be a lot. I used to be a procrastinator and do all of my shopping and prepping on Sundays, but I realized this is A LOT of work for one day. Now I will shop on Saturday and cook on Sundays. Breaking it up makes the process less daunting. I would suggest using these two days too!

5. When you start meal prepping ­ prep your foods first!

Sounds weird, but I like to chop my veggies, cut up my chicken, line by baking sheets, etc. before I cook anything! This is time consuming, but makes things a little easier once you start to actually cook!

6. Cook it up!

Meal prepping is the ultimate test of your multitasking skills! I know it will be hard at first but you will get the hang of it! As your veggies are cooking in the oven, have your quinoa boiling on the stove and your chicken grilling on the George Forman. Once everything is done, divide it up into your Tupperware, pack it in a bag and put in the fridge so all you have to do during the week is grab and go!

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Leg Day


I recently started Body Beast so eventually I will get more toned and ripped. 🙂 Today was leg day and it was killer! It hurt so bad but felt so good. I kept having tics where I dropped the weights but I have never dropped them on my foot, Thank God!  I just wonder sometimes if other people with Tourettes have the same issue.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! But Marriage Equality for the Disabled Needs Work!

I am so happy that supreme court declared same-sex marriage in all 50 states! That’s a big deal. Now while everyone else posts about it, flooding the media with the news, I’m here standing at a thirft shop, after being done volunteering. I wanted to quote one of my friends. She says:

As my newsfeed is flooded with posts of both celebration and defeat, I am reminded that this is only the beginning of what I hope will be a revolution. There are still smart, and kind people who genuinely believe that there is something wrong with homosexuality. We all see the world through different lenses, but if we are afraid to change our perspective, we might miss the chance to witness something really beautiful, like what happened today.
I am thankful that I have friends I love who respect our differences; I hope that that same understanding can be extended today, when we disagree. Know that I don’t think that your feelings are not valid; I just believe very strongly that they are misguided and wrong.
I am so happy, not only for what this means for my friends today, but for what it will mean to our future. I want my kids to live in a world where they are not afraid to love whoever they love, because LOVE is the greatest gift in this life. ‪#‎lovewins‬

I honestly appreciate and respect what she has written. Everyone has different views an looks through different lenses, definitely! I wanted to tell my mom this weekend that I am bisexual, but she’d probably think it is a joke. she actually probably wouldn’t care either knowing that a girl wouldn’t get me pregnant. lol She’s a pretty open-minded woman but just not sure how she’d react. Maybe I’ll just keep it to myself since it wouldn’t change anything either way if I told her or not.

On another note, there is something new I learned today though besides gay rights issues that is just as important. Its the impact of people with disabilities and the federal marriage penalties. Some people with disabilities are prevented from getting married and here’s why:

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Back On Track

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Good news! I’m going to receive my personal training certification next Spring from Bellevue College then take the exam to become a legitimate trainer at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Afterwards, during fall of 2016 I will apply and attend Bastyr University to pursue my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and then Masters in Public Health. That is my plan and I am super excited! I will keep everyone updated. For now I’m volunteering and interning.

My fiancé and I have been super happy because he now works at New York Life. With his past experiences, he will be and is an amazing financial advisor for life insurance! We both have goals and dreams. Thats what makes us happy. 🙂


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Yesterday, I broke down. Dieting? Sure eating healthy is great. Strictly eating wholesome, fresh and home made food is great. But my expectations were too highz
Yesterday, I came home with take out in my hands which I wasn’t supposed to do because take out food has many things in it that we don’t know about like additives and maybe even MSG. My fiancé -who has been invested and fully devoted to helping me with this diet, cooking for me every single day, reading the labels before buying ingredients -was confused and upset about why I bought home take out food. Honestly I didn’t know why until later when I broke down crying in front of him. The reason why I bought take out wasn’t only because I was craving for it but I felt hopeless, like nothing in this world will help decrease my tourettes. I felt frustrated and wanted to give up through eating out and throwing away the dieting effort. I felt so helpless and hated my Tourettes. I bawled in his arms.

Later on, my fiancé and I watched a video about deep brain stimulation, which is a brain surgery for people with Parkinson’s and Tourettes. My dad sent it to me probably because he wanted me to consider it. But I was scared because my uncle who passed away had Parkinson’s and did the surgery. The surgery failed. He was forever paralyzed as his muscles deteriorated even faster. After the video asked my fiancé what he thinks about me doing the surgery? He whispered, “I don’t want to lose you” and started crying and cried with him. Personally I would rather have Tourettes than do brain surgery. But sometimes my hope is so low that I become desperate to choose brain surgery despite of its risks.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is because although I am seem like a happy positive person who’s always bubbly and chipper, I have my days where I break down. I’m not perfect and I struggle with Tourettes. I have challenges like everyone else. But it’s about going through those challenges and never giving up hope. Even if you feel hopeless remember people around you love you and there is always another door opening for you as one closes behind you. Stay positive, have grit, persevere, stay strong, and march forward. I’m here for you.


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Day 5: Dinner Surprise: Quinoa Quest

tonight my fiancé surprised me with dinner making grounded need  with mushrooms, almond slivers, onions, garlic, and basil on top of the meat on a bed of quinoa surrounded by asparagus, strawberries and avocados. He is the best man a girl can ever have. Always supports me in my goals and dreams. Everything was home made, fresh and simply organic (when I say organic I mean that everything is natural)